Simply Christians

At the Charlotte church of Christ, we want to be simply Christians. In today's religious world, it seems like everyone wants to be called by the name of some man or some doctrine. We choose to be identified only by the name of the One who purchased us: Christ. Those in the first century were simply Christians; we follow in their footsteps.

What do we mean by "simply Christians"? We want to be the same as the first century church that we read about in the New Testament. We want to do the same work, worship in the same way, and teach the same simple doctrine that they did almost two thousand years ago. If we believe and practice the same things that Christians in Biblical times did, we believe that we will be simply Christians just as they were.

Being simply Christians also means that we at the Charlotte church of Christ are an independent congregation. We owe allegience to no denomination or sect. Like the New Testament Christians, we are not part of any man-made group. Just as no church in the New Testament governed nor was governed by any other congregation, we exist apart from any denominational structure.

If the simple pattern of New Testament Christianity appeals to you, won't you investigate the Charlotte church of Christ?